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How to Eliminate Weeds, Insects and Disease without Using Poisons (Herbicides, Insecticides, or Fungicides) That Cause Cancer in Humans and Harm the Environment - White Paper

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Better Living Through Well Being

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Better Living Through Well Being

Mr. Seed is kicking ag and taking names. So says Seed Matters, the creator of the hero of this provocative short animated film. Mr. Seed emphasizes the benefits of organic seed compared with the chemical-dependent alternatives.

Consumers are more aware than ever of where their food comes from, and according to a new study, 65 percent also think it is important to know how their food is produced. Yet, few are asking what it comes from and who controls production of those seeds. In the U.S., the same six chemical companies that make pesticides (aka “The Big Six”) also supply 63 percent of the seed market. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) seeds are designed to keep farmers dependent on agrichemicals at the expense of organic farming, public health and the environment.

This film calls for an intervention on chemically-dependent seed and crops that these companies are producing. Mr. Seed is giving organic seed a voice and sharing the good news that farming can be done in a way that’s healthy for people and the planet, starting with organically bred seeds.

Seed Matters advocates for the improvement and protection of organic seed to ensure healthy, nutritious, and productive crops to feed people now and in the future. It’s mission is to conserve crop genetic diversity, promote farmer’s roles and rights as seed innovators, and reinvigorate public seed research and education. Mr. Seed invites viewers to get involved by signing a petition it will send to the USDA and Department of Justice. In it, Seed Matters expressed concern over the seed industry consolidation trend among agricultural chemical companies and asks the DOJ to examine antitrust implications of such mergers. For more information and to view the full video, visit

The science on dietary cholesterol has evolved, and recent research shows that for most individuals, blood cholesterol is the primary driver of heart disease, not dietary cholesterol. The research also indicates that dietary cholesterol isn’t as much of a factor in overall blood cholesterol levels as was once thought. A leading nutrition guidance program, Guiding Stars, has updated its ratings system for healthy eating to reflect the new scientific consensus.

Based on an algorithm that objectively evaluates the nutritional quality of foods, Guiding Stars assigns on star for good, two for better, and three stars for foods with the best nutritional value. The revision in rating means that star values have increased on more than 350 packaged foods and 60 single ingredient whole foods.

The updated algorithm also aligns with the new 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and pending changes by the FDA soon to be seen on the new Nutrition Facts label on grocery store products.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke at the Wildlife Conservation Society gala recently in New York, stressing the urgent need for governments, businesses and consumers to work together to preserve our natural heritage and prevent wildlife extinction. The businesses and individuals involved, he said, are motivated solely by short-term gain at the expense of long-term benefit to communities and habitats. In many instances, they act in collusion with transnational organized crime networks and groups actively involved in destablilizing nations.

Yet, he said, the good news is that global efforts to protect wildlife are gathering force. He further described resolutions and actions put forth by the United Nations General Assembly and how everyone can play a part.


Other articles of interest in this Summer 2016 TMIS eNewsletter:

* The U.S.-China Smart/Low Carbon Cities Summit convened to discuss optimized energy usage, air quality and accelerating the development of low-carbon cities in China and the U.S.

* The global green cement market grows as demand for affordable housing and interest in use of alternative fuels for use in world wide cement production increases.

* Hemp History Week highlights progress that has been made in the effort to legalize hemp farming and restore rights of farmers and Native American tribes to cultivate hemp as a renewable resource that will reduce market dependency on agricultural chemicals, synthetic fibers and plastics, cotton, and other non-sustainable industrial materials.

* A new report provides education regarding clothing and textile reuse and recycling and how changing our wasteful habits can greatly benefit the environment.

* Research indicates compensating for certain vitamin deficiencies plays a role in preventing migraines.

* The government of Canada proposes new standards to reduce air pollution from equipment and tools used by millions of Canadians, in keeping with stringent emission standards already in place in the U.S.

* A European citizen’s movement calls for ban on the toxic chemical glyphosate from the European Union.

* A company with critical greenhouse gas reduction technology applauds India’s intent to ratify Paris Climate Accord.


I am grateful to be in a collaborative business with many talented and skilled professionals. Additional feedback and recommendations for our products and services at TM Information Services are always welcome.

- Mary Michele McLaughlin

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Better Living Through Well Being

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