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Better Living Through Well Being

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Better Living Through Well Being

We’re happy to announce Craftmanship, a new free online quarterly magazine created to explore the ethos of craftsmanship in its widest sense with stories primarily about the most interesting people in the world who work with their hands. Some of these may be well-known masters, some unsung, and some still on the rise. Some may be in dusty old-world shops, some in laboratories and manufacturing plants in pursuit of the new, but behind each a set of principles lies that begins with deep, often eclectic experiences and the capacity for relentless experimentation and unusual attention to detail. They are all determined to create something of enduring quality, things that are built to last. Among the questions examined in this magazine will be what will it take to revive these principles in today’s frenetic, high-tech world? This is why Craftsmanship chose to devote its first issue to sustainability, exploring problems that rarely get discussed in the world of farming and food, and presenting stories of the innovators who are forging their solutions.


The Organic Center has come out with a great list, suitable for new year’s resolutions, taken from the top ten scientific studies whose evidence proves benefits of organic food and farming for the health of humans, pollinators, and the environment. The studies, published in prominent scientific journals, cover data on the effects of pesticides in our diet, the high value of antioxidants in organic food protecting against the effects of free radicals that can damage cells in the body and trigger disease, among other significant findings. A Harvard study links neonicotinoid use in pesticides to colony collapse disorder. Research by the Rodale Institute looks at how farming systems affect greenhouse gas emission and illustrates the ability of soil to mitigate climate change when managed organically. A study on healthy soil biodiversity published in “Agronomy for Sustainable Development” found that conservation and organic farming techniques boost the number of beneficial soil organisms when managed organically. Another study shows how the “inert” ingredients in major pesticides are not taken into account in safety test trials, and that the formulations were actually as much as a thousand times more toxic than when measuring their active ingredients alone. Links to all of these studies can be found inside the full article below.


Production of advanced biofuel, a liquid fuel made from non-petroleum sources that achieves a 50 percent reduction in carbon intensity compared to petroleum fuel, has been increasing in North America. Production capacity in 2014 was double that of 2011, according to an new environmental report. Advanced biofuel, such as cellulosic ethanol, uses the waste from corn crops or other expendable organic matter. The report shows how advanced biofuel is on track to meet targeted emission reductions for clean fuel standards in both California and Oregon. Similar clean-fuel standards may soon be adopted in Washington state where many believe increased use of advanced biofuel would create local jobs and keep hard-earned money in state by reducing the billions of dollars now spent on out of state oil.


Authors of a new report bringing attention to the consequences of routine interference in women’s innate biological processes during labor and delivery expect “Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing” to be a game changer. It finds evidence about the impacts of four hormonal systems consequential for child bearing with benefits when unimpeded medically, but create challenges when disturbed. The report concludes that common maternity care interventions, such as labor induction, epidural anesthesia, and cesarean section, can disturb hormonal processes and their benefits.

The report comes at a time when there is growing recognition that patterns of maternity care in the United States are contributing to unnecessarily high rates of maternal and newborn morbidity, mortality, and excess costs. It aims at accelerating efforts to improve the quality and value of maternity care while building women’s confidence in their ability to labor and give birth without medical interventions that can expose them and their babies to unnecessary risk and higher costs.


Since the 1990's, neuroscientists have dispelled the old myth that humans stop growing brain cells after age 21. In fact, the hippocampus, the main site of learning and memory, is constantly renewed throughout life by a pool of dividing stem cells, and their other generated daughter cells can migrate to sites of brain damage to facilitate repair. Unfortunately, for reasons that are not currently understood, these migrating stem cells don’t produce enough new neurons in the damaged site for complete recovery.

A new regenerative medicine program is developing new therapies that promote the migration of stem cells to the site of injury, retain them at the damaged site, and then promote their regenerative capacities to enact a total repair.


Other articles of interest in this Winter 2015 TMIS eNewsletter:

* Mental health professionals and recovering patients discuss how to fix the broken mental health system in a new online forum.

* Study suggests a moderate fat diet that includes avocado provides greater benefits to cardiovascular risk factors than a calorie matched low fat diet.

* Phase 2 clinical trial now underway shows promise for treating patients with relapsed and refractory diffuse large B-cell and follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas using targeted gene suppression therapy.

* Seeking alternatives to conventional medicine after spending an exorbitant amount of money on failed treatments, many pet owners are now turning to holistic medicine with astounding results.

* Documentary film, Dark Side of the Full Moon, brings attention to the barriers of care for new mothers suffering from depression and anxiety.

* Family in Upper State New York creates a “self-sustainable sanctuary for humans” using modern technology and the forces of nature in a symbiotic ecosystem that functions totally off the grid.


I am grateful to be in a collaborative business with many talented and skilled professionals. Additional feedback and recommendations for our products and services at TM Information Services are always welcome.

- Mary Michele McLaughlin

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Better Living Through Well Being

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