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Farm Bill Plows Fields of Opportunity for CBD, Farmers, Environment
Boulder, Colorado

An historic signing of the US Farm Bill shepherds the hemp industry back into the American mainstream, fostering immense entrepreneurial energy and commercial promise. CannaInsider applauds Congress and the executive branch for signing into law the 2018 US Farm Bill, a sweeping piece of legislation that for the first time in 81 years makes the cultivation and sale of hemp legal nationwide.

"Since we launched in 2014, we have closely tracked the status of hemp and hemp products like CBD within Congress, and have cheered as acceptance of hemp grew from a seedling into what it is today - a towering plant offering opportunity for people across the nation," said Matt Kind, CannaInsider's founder and CEO. "We look forward to working with all industry stakeholders to help make sure this miraculous plant's manifold benefits are allowed to firmly root, and fully flower."

The bill comes just in time. As President Trump's trade tariffs begin to sting farming communities, hemp offers the promise of a new crop, one with uses in health, food, textiles, building materials and more. Meanwhile, China has become the world's leading supplier of cannabis, with most of it being THC-free hemp. As domestic attitudes evolve, and new applications for the plant emerge, the Farm Bill gives American farmers and workers a fresh chance to compete with China and lead the world in hemp cultivation and manufacturing.

In addition, hemp is environmentally friendly. It needs little water, grows in poor soil, aerates fields and offers myriad green solutions to existing problems, including excessive plastic, destruction of forests, and mining. Researchers, too, are discovering groundbreaking health applications for hemp, including cannabinoids like CBD and products like CBD oil.

"Yesterday's signing was just the beginning of a powerful new industry in America," said Kind. "While it remains nascent, it also is positively explosive with energy and opportunity. This isn't an industry destined to slowly expand. Just like the plant itself, which can rise 12 feet in three months, the hemp industry is poised to grow rapidly, offering jobs, new skills and fresh businesses across America."

About Matthew Kind and CannaInsider

Matthew Kind is a serial entrepreneur and host of the CannaInsider podcast, a weekly show featuring the emerging business leaders of the cannabis industry. Matthew's career spans decades in finance, technology and now cannabis.


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