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Back-A-Line BACKALINE Back-A-Line Ergonomic Back Belt
Back-A-Line BACKALINE Back-A-Line Ergonomic Back Belt

Back-A-Line BACKALINE Back-A-Line Ergonomic Back Belt In Stock?: No.  Back-A-Line BACKALINE - Form-fitted non-stretch belt with a lumbar curve. Free shipping!

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Features: The Back-A-Line Belt, with its patented firm, curved lumbar pad, has been proven, in a peer-reviewed study, to improve posture, at a sub-conscious level, which is the only way to reduce back pain or prevent future injury. Its non-stretch design eliminates the risk of muscle weakening, a fear with other back belts. Back-A-Line is designed to combat the actual cause of back injury, poor posture, rather than addressing only the symptom by masking back pain.

* Tapered for waist to hip differential
* Strong Velcro straps hold belt snugly in position
* No shoulder straps
* Washable, breathable
* Worn over or under clothing
* Fits any size waist from 23"- 48"
* Orthopedically correct
* Curved to promote correct posture
* 8" tall, supports full range of lumbo-sacral spine
* Activates back muscles
* Grooved to bridge spine
* Reduces back fatigue

Back-A-Line Belt

How is Back-A-Line Different?

Back-A-Line is like no other back support on the market! Because it is firm instead of elastic, it provides consistent support, while typical elastic back supports give out when you need them most!

* Relieves Back Pain (according to major medical school study)
* Promotes Safe Posture (back is structurally most sound in this curve)
* Prevents Muscle Atrophy (weakening of muscle through lack of use)
* Activates Back Muscles (muscles work best when back in normal curve)
* Activates Stomach Muscles (isometric resistance maximizes muscular force)
* Useful Life (in months) 24-36

Size And Colors Available

The Back-A-Line is available in two attractive colors: blue and black. The belt is available in six sizes: XS (23-28"), S (27-32"), M (31-36"), L (35-40"), XL (39-44"), XXL (43-48").


Back-A-Line has been praised by chiropractors, sports physicians, and other health professionals. Read what they have to say about the design of the Back-A-Line family of belts.

Sports Medicine - In receiving the Seal of Acceptance (their only endorsement ever granted), Back-A-Line was reviewed by several noted physicians. Some of their comments:

"The rigid, firm lumbar support is ideal..I like a non-stretch belt with a lumbar curve added."

"The belt promotes good postural alignment, creating balanced muscle activity for proper muscle function."

Ergonomic - The Industrial Hygiene Association's Ergonomist of the year - 1994, a consistent critic of industrial back belts, writes:

"Your concept of a stiffer form-fitted back belt is appealing, and is much more consistent with my own thinking than many of the soft pliable belts."

Chiropractic - International lecturer, Inventor of the "Back Companion" and other health related products, Dr. Guy Doran writes:

"The stiff, rounded quality of your lumbar pad maintains the proper lordotic alignment to protect the lower spine. Promoting good posture alone should be a major contributor to back pain reduction, but the pressure of your pad against the back muscles seems to provide a further alleviating effect.

AOASM - In a later endorsement, the academy addressed the most controversial issue in back support, muscle atrophy (weakening of the muscles from disuse).

"We particularly like Back-A-Line's design when compared with the common elastic belts.The risk of muscle atrophy is caused by elastic belts doing the work that the muscles would normally be recruited to do.In contrast, Back-A-Line, with its non-stretch belt, will stimulate the abdominal muscles by providing resistance for them. Similarly, with its lumbar pad to promote lordosis, the belt should stimulate the erector muscles as well."

The Industrial Athlete - A national network of physicians advising corporations to adopt sports medicine principles for industrial employees, providing them with conditioning, personal protective equipment and effective rehabilitation. To that end, they write:

"The Back-A-Line belt helps accomplish these three functions"."As the #1 category of industrial injury costs, the low back should be given a high priority. Back-A-Line, along with an effective exercise program, helps to significantly reduce that risk."


The Back-A-Link belt is so unique that its design is patented! U.S. PATENTS #5,429,587 and #5,651,763.

Free shipping!

Warranty: 6 months
Shipping Weight: 0.0 lbs

Back-A-Line BACKALINE Back-A-Line Ergonomic Back Belt
Price: $49.99


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