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Harness Right-Brain Creativity With New Book "Prescriptions for Living a Creative Life"
Honolulu, Hawaii

A new self-improvement book from corporate and personal coach Neil Tepper promises to help overworked Americans find work-life balance. "Prescriptions For Living A Creative Life: Simple Remedies for Common Maladies in Our 24/7 World" helps readers bridge the gap between left-brain analytical thinking and right-brain creativity to improve all aspects of their lives. Tepper -- a former creative director for The Coca-Cola Company, Universal Television and the 1996 Olympics -- addresses common problems many Americans face today, such as information overload and other stresses that plague our runaway, multi-tasking world.

"In 'Prescriptions For Living A Creative Life,' I show how today's high-tech information age is shifting to a high-touch inspiration age, where personal fulfillment is as valued as business success," said Tepper. "By following my 'Prescriptions,' readers will learn how to harness their right-brain creativity to break through old beliefs and behaviors that don't align with who they are now. 'Prescriptions' will enable them to bring more happiness and meaning to their lives."

Tepper demonstrates his "logical creative" approach: how too much information can make us less effective, how doing less can make us more productive, and how we can operate with peak performance and less stress. Chapters include workbook pages to guide readers in applying the principles in their everyday lives.

"Until recently, creativity has been the exclusive province of 'arty types' who daydream their days down the hall," continued Tepper. "This equation is beginning to shift: creativity is being given its rightful place at the conference table, where ideas and innovation are born. Creativity isn't just for artists, anymore."

Based in Hawaii, Tepper is a corporate and personal coach, speaker, blogger, photographer, songwriter, and radio show host. Known as "The Creativity Doctor," Tepper's writings and workshops have helped people across America harness the power of their own creativity for greater business success and deeper personal fulfillment. Visit Tepper's blog, Across the Waves, to read more about his journey from Atlanta and Hollywood to the beaches of Oahu. 

For more information about Tepper and to receive his FREE Special Report, “Right-Brain Lessons for Left-Brain People,” visit


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