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OPTIMIZERx Connects With Microsoft HealthVault to Reduce Medication Costs

OPTIMIZERxhas announced that its Web-based consumer information site, which provides information about prescription medicine savings, is now integrated with Microsoft HealthVault, a personal health application platform. For HealthVault users that store their medication inventory within their personal HealthVault account, this connection enables access to prescription coupons, cost-saving notifications, co-pay savings, and trials, which can help them better adhere to treatment regimens in a more affordable way, and OPTIMIZERx users can upload their medication records into their HealthVault account, enabling them to create a more comprehensive health profile.

"We are excited to be working with Microsoft HealthVault to further expand our reach and ability to help more consumers better afford their rising prescription costs through available prescription savings and other support programs," stated David Lester, Chief Executive Officer of OPTIMIZERx.

"We developed HealthVault with the goal of engaging consumers as active partners in their health and wellness management," said David Cerino, General Manager, Microsoft Health Solutions Group. "This collaboration enables HealthVault users to better manage their medication spending and provides users of OPTIMIZERx with access to a broad network of health and wellness services within our application ecosystem -- enabling decisions based on a more robust, longitudinal view of their health history."

The connection between OPTIMIZERx and Microsoft HealthVault has been established and consumers can begin saving on their prescribed medications as entered into their HealthVault accounts today!

About OPTIMIZERx Corporation.

OPTIMIZERx provides unique platforms to help patients better afford and comply to their medicines and healthcare products, while offering pharmaceutical and healthcare companies effective ways to expand patient awareness, affordable access and adherence to their brands. The Company's web-based consumer information and patient support website,, and its permanent subscriber base, continues to grow each month and is quickly becoming the preferred way to access branded prescription savings and support programs. Additionally, OPTIMIZERx Corp. has developed and is launching a downloadable virtual sample cabinet called SampleMD ( for doctors to print or electronically send prescription sample vouchers or co-pay coupons right to pharmacies -- directly from their desktop or mobile device.

About Microsoft HealthVault:

Microsoft HealthVault is a personal health application platform designed to put consumers in control of their health information. HealthVault provides a privacy- and security-enhanced foundation on which a broad ecosystem of providers can build innovative health and wellness solutions such as personal health records, disease management, fitness, weight loss and other Web applications. HealthVault can be used to collect and store health information that would otherwise reside in disparate systems and transfer the information between a variety of providers' health services and systems. It enables the reuse and free flow of interoperable and transportable personal health information. For more information, visit


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