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Five Key Mega Trends in Nature Inspired Innovation: A Thought Leadership Video

There is a growing movement across a wide range of industries to innovate new products developed from engineering and design principles seen in Nature. Adhesives, medical devices, mechanical parts, and drugs are just a few examples of products being developed that utilize principles found in Nature with the larger goal to create a more sustainable world.

It is from this perspective that Dr.Sanjay Mazumdar, Lucintel CEO, has developed a video title "God's Intelligence: Drivers for Innovations and Business Growth" providing thought leadership on God / Nature inspired innovation and the related business opportunities and challenges. The video provides an overview of 5 innovation mega trends that are grounded in sustainable, environment friendly practices. At the center of Dr. Mazumdar's presentation is a focus on how nature inspired trends will provide dynamic opportunities for companies across a wide variety of industries. In two of innovation trends, composite materials industry will play a significant role whereas in another two innovation trends, sensors and sensing devices will play a big role.

The five Nature inspired innovation areas presented by Dr. Sanjay Mazumdar include Monolithic Design, Bio-degradable Materials, Green Energy Sources, Smart/Intelligent Materials, and Continuous Monitoring.

Nature inspired innovation is a new concept that has yet to be fully integrated across industries, which means huge potential for growth. Industries that will significantly benefit from the above trends include automotive, aerospace, bio-technology, chemical, construction, consumer goods, energy, and oil-gas.

To identify emerging mega trends in nature inspired innovations, watch this 12 minute video titled "God's Intelligence: Drivers for Innovations and Business Growth" by clicking This video offers thought leadership on how Nature inspired innovations and technologies are growth platforms for companies to develop sustainable and transformational products and services.

As CEO of Lucintel, a premier management consulting and market research firm, Dr. Mazumdar has led Lucintel in diverse projects such as strategic growth consulting, M & A, due diligence, value chain assessments and opportunity analyses. He has also authored a widely endorsed book, "Composites Manufacturing: Materials, Products and Process Engineering", and published more than 25 technical papers for international journals and conference presentations.


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