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GENiSYSS Announces Launch of Products to Store Life

The patented GENiSYSS Capsules are thumb-drive sized products that focus on DNA as the core of life. Each product has 4 or 8 storage wells containing a patented material that safely stores the DNA contained in a tiny drop of blood at room temperature.

The associated digital memory contains customized software, encrypted and password-protected, to step people through the crucial information to store for your family and future generations. This includes medical information and the priceless memories in the forms of videos, audios, photos, stories, family tree and genealogy and more.

GENiSYSS uses their patented technology to provide peace of mind for parents. In case of emergency, ALL the information crucial to law enforcement and medical responders is immediately available, including the child's DNA, a better marker than fingerprints. Time is of the essence in emergency situations. With a GENiSYSS Child Safety Capsule, everything is quickly accessible. The Child Safety Capsule contains 4 DNA wells plus encrypted, custom software on 4 GB of digital memory. The size of a thumb drive, it is designed to attach to the parent's keychain. Never before has DNA been this easy to store or easily accessible for emergency uses.

A child is abducted every 8-1/2 minutes in the United States. Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas who was abducted and murdered in 1993, formed the KlaasKids Foundation in her memory to help other families of missing children. KlaasKids endorses the GENiSYSS Child Safety Capsule. "The KlaasKids Foundation has reviewed the GENiSYSS Child Safety Capsule at length. We find it superior to any other product in the market as an important method to store and have rapid access to information needed by law enforcement and medical responders in child abduction cases," says Marc Klaas.

"As a company, we're absolutely dedicated to helping save lives and helping families of missing children," shares Richard Brownell, CEO and Founder of GENiSYSS. "The beauty of the Child Safety Capsule is that it stores the child's DNA before a lifetime of exposure to environmental stresses that actually change DNA. This device can follow the child into adulthood with multiple benefits."

Why Store DNA?

Science has documented that DNA changes in response to environmental stresses that include smog, cigarettes, radiation, chemicals and psychological stress. What's more, science is using DNA to treat diseases like cancer, diabetes, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome and others. Although success is with lab animals, the ability to do this for people is believed to be possible within a decade.

GENiSYSS Capsules provide the perfect solution for families to store their DNA at various points in their life together with life's valuable information on digital memory. The Family Vault provides 4 GB of memory and 8 wells for safe DNA storage on a thumb-drive-size device. By storing DNA from different points in your life, your DNA is available should it be needed within your lifetime. Because mutated DNA has been discovered to be passed on, your DNA could be very important in predicting and preventing disease for your children, grandchildren and future generations.

DNA in Genealogy

Ancestry research is growing in its use of DNA to trace family roots in history. Online search engines encourage DNA testing and contribute to growing databases that follow National Geographic's Genographic Project. It is becoming easier to find clues to a person's heritage and to identify living relatives. By storing your DNA, you are actually storing life for future generations. As DNA tests become less expensive, your DNA could open doors to a deeper understanding of your family tree.

GENiSYSS was co-founded by Richard A. Brownell of Lompoc, California, having over 40 years with the Air Force and aerospace companies, William R. Anderson, retired CEO of Applied Magnetics and co-founder of Catalytic Solutions, Inc., and Mitchell B. Frey, mechanical engineer for the Mars Rover and other government and private aerospace projects.


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