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Community Voice Mail Empowers People in Crisis and Transition
Seattle, Washington

Community Voice Mail empowers people in crisis and transition by distributing free, 24-hour personalized voice mail access nationwide -- directly linking individuals to jobs, housing and stability.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, the CVM network stretches across 37 U.S. cities. In 2002, CVM helped over 23,000 people reconnect to employment, a place to live, and safety from domestic abuse. Funded entirely by grants and donations, Community Voice Mail provides a crucial bridge back to a more stable life by reconnecting people in crisis with the tangible tool they need to succeed -- a constant telephone number.

CVM's 5 Year Plan focuses on expanding coverage to 50 major cities nationwide by the end of 2007, serving over 65,000 people annually. Through a major partnership with Cisco Systems Foundation, CVM will utilize new voicemail technology in order to streamline costs, launch new sites faster, and serve more people cost-effectively.

Access to a telephone is a necessary tool for survival -- yet is often overlooked as a means to help people in need. Community Voice Mail enrollment takes less than 3 minutes per user -- immediately providing an effective tool to help people regain lost ground. Community Voice Mail is a smart solution to a difficult problem, helping users achieve their goals much faster by maintaining a constant connection to opportunity.

Company: Community Voice Mail

Headquarters Address: National Office

2901 Third Ave, Suite 100

Seattle, WA 98121

Main Telephone: 206.441.7872



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