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Independent Study Indicates That Enterprises View Collaboration, Ease of Use as More Important Than Security When Choosing a Cloud Vendor
Palo Alto, California

CloudShare today announced the results of an independent survey that examines the perception and adoption of cloud computing solutions. The survey sheds light on "What Matters Most in the Cloud" and indicates that ease of use, an all-inclusive business model, and support for existing IT architecture outweighs security as the most important factors for enterprises moving, or considering a move, to the cloud.

The evaluation, conducted by an independent market research firm, issued surveys to representatives from 2,500 enterprises, asking respondents to cite factors driving their particular organization's move towards cloud-based services. The study reveals that while security continues to be an area of consideration for cloud adoption, it is no longer regarded as the number one concern for selecting a cloud provider.

The top three factors respondents cited as 'Very Important' to have in a Cloud provider include:

* Support for their existing in-house IT architecture, including unmodified operating systems, applications and network topology (71 percent)
* An all-inclusive business model that includes servers, bandwidth and storage, rather than a 'nickel-and-diming' approach (57 percent)
* 'Point and click' level of ease of use (54 percent)

The Need for Speed (and Collaboration!)

The study also reveals that collaboration and speed are two major drivers for enterprise adoption of cloud computing. Close to one-third of survey respondents cited better collaboration on projects that involve IT infrastructure as the primary factor fueling their organization's interest in cloud-based services. Nearly three-quarters said that faster time to deploy IT is the driving force behind their move to cloud. All of this demonstrates that the other three S's -- speed, simplicity and similarity to a current environment -- are surpassing security as a major concern for cloud adoption.

"With security and uptime as prerequisites to even enter the cloud game, we believe vendors capable of meeting these new cloud requirements around collaboration, ease of use and simplicity will not only differentiate themselves, but have a dramatic impact on cloud computing's growth in the enterprise," said Zvi Guterman, CEO of CloudShare.

About CloudShare

CloudShare is a quick and easy way to share copies of your complex IT environments, online, so you can collaborate with customers, partners, and colleagues -- for demos, proofs-of-concept, training, or other enterprise applications -- without wasting time copying gigabytes of software or shipping machines and people. Going beyond basic webinar or "virtual lab" offerings, CloudShare's solutions enable users' extended interaction in dedicated "hands on" production-grade replicas of their existing IT, delivered as cloud-based SaaS -- while centrally monitoring and managing it all. Leading solutions providers have adopted CloudShare to extend access to their virtual infrastructure from the enterprise to the cloud. Backed by Gemini, Sequoia Capital and Charles River Ventures, CloudShare is a privately held company based in Menlo Park. For more details visit


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