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Washington State's New Hands-Free Cell Phone Law: Businesses Face Unique Challenges and Issues Regarding Compliance
Seattle, Washington

FollowingWashington State'snew law that makes hand-held cell phones and text messaging while driving a primary offense, many businesses in the state face their own unique set of challenges in complying with the law: how to handle employees who spend a significant part of their workday on the road.

Two Washington companies, DialPro Northwest and Personnel Management Systems, are teaming up to help businesses keep their employees safe and connected to the office with expert tips in a new guide that helps businesses navigate the unique challenges and issues many face in keeping their employees safe, productive and in compliance with the law.

"Most company HR policies are out of date and need to be updated," says Jack Goldberg, president, Personnel Managements Systems, a leading provider of outsourced human resource management services. "We encourage businesses to review their policies in light of current employee cell phone usage and the law. Employees should minimize the amount of time they use the cell phone while driving on the job, and to always stay safe by using headsets or hands-free devices when they absolutely need to use the phone."

"Unlike individuals, many businesses have employees who have to stay connected to the office by phone and email while on the road," says Dennis Tyler, president of DialPro Northwest, a leading provider of voice messaging and unified communications solutions. "It is not always feasible for employees to pull to the side of the road. Sometimes a quick response is required to respond to an email message or make a phone call. There are a whole group of business-oriented speech recognition tools that keep employees both safe and connected to the office while offering full compliance with the law."

Among the tips and advice available:

* Questions businesses should ask themselves in the face of the new law
* Liability and HR policy issues companies need to consider
* Overview of technology solutions available to businesses, including state of the art speech recognition tools that allow employees to make calls, check email and more -- all hands free and complying with the law

A full checklist of tips and questions businesses should ask is available online at or

Founded in 1988, DialPro Northwest Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise VoIP, voice messaging, unified communications and speech-enabled solutions. DialPro's mission is to help companies work better through improved communication. Customers include enterprises in business, government, education and healthcare worldwide. For more information, please visit the company website at

Personnel Management Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of outsourced human resource services. For more than 25 years, the company has been providing turnkey, low cost, high quality, nuts and bolts HR solutions, with offices in Washington and Colorado. For more information, please visit the company's website at


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