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BUGS and Pacific Sands, Inc. Ready Products to Aid Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts
Carlsbad, California

U.S. Microbics (aka BUGS), an environmental technology company, and Pacific Sands, Inc., a manufacturer of a broad range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, are jointly formulating products that could directly benefit victims of the recent Gulf Oil Spill, one of the worst environmental disasters of our time. The products could soon be available for consumer and commercial use and could be used on marine structures and wildlife contaminated with gooey oil.

Using components of the Pacific Sands Natural Choices product line and the oil spill cleanup experience of BUGS management coupled with direct input from industry experts and technologists, the companies hope to introduce one or more products that can help clean up oil spill residue without using additional solvents, dyes, and chemicals that irritate the skin, require special equipment and training to apply or may harm the environment. The developed products would be available to consumers on the website and to industrial and commercial clean up users on a BUGS website to be announced.

Robert Brehm, CEO of BUGS, commented, "The BUGS technology was successfully used on the Santa Barbara oil spill in the late 1960's and I believe there are cleanup lessons we have learned that are applicable to the Gulf Oil Spill particularly with respect to the use of oil-eating microbes for post capture oil treatment in soil and water. In the past we used surfactants and degreasers with oil spill cleanup operations and the availability of the natural products from Pacific Sands and commercially available microbe products could significantly aid the cleanup process without harmful environmental effects of conventional processes now being used. Our goal is to have simple and effective natural products that can be easily used by the consumer and by commercial cleanup crews."

Pacific Sands President, Michael Wynhoff, commented, "We are witnessing a natural disaster which challenges entrepreneurial companies like BUGS and Pacific Sands to quickly introduce new products to solve problems created by the event. It doesn't make sense to me to clean up oil contamination using chemicals that may have a worse effect on the environment. Our Natural Choices product line was specifically developed for consumer use and contains effective ingredients which are non-irritating to most users (including wildlife) and are environmentally friendly. We are currently formulating and testing a product specifically for cleaning oil residue from wildlife for deployment into the contaminated region."

About U.S. Microbics Inc.

U.S. Microbics is a holding company providing administrative management services to its operating subsidiaries. For more information on the company, contact Robert Brehm at 619-488-3744 or visit

About Pacific Sands, Inc.

Pacific Sands, Inc. is an environmental products company that develops, manufactures and sells a wide variety of eco-friendly products for cleaning and water maintenance applications. The company's broad portfolio of products are sold world under numerous private label brands as well as its house brands, ecoone and Natural Choices.  For more information about the company and its products visit and


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