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OrganizedWisdom Partners With Xtify to Offer Mobile Health Notifications and Close the Online Health Gap
New York, New York

OrganizedWisdom, an expert-driven platform for health and wellness, has announced a partnership with Xtify, Inc., a leading provider of smart notification technology for mobile applications, to build a series of mobile health applications. The ongoing initiative aims to close the 'Online Health Gap' by connecting the mobile phones of people interested in specific health and wellness information with the wisdom of vetted health practitioners and patient advocates.

The first application, titled "Healthy Bites," will deliver nutritious eating notifications from health experts directly to consumers' smartphones. Currently available on Android phones nationwide, the application will soon launch on other smartphone platforms. Similar applications relating to common health conditions such as exercise, diabetes, weight loss, heart health, healthy diets, and more will launch in the coming months. The applications are enhanced with exclusive push notification technology provided by Xtify, Inc., which delivers vetted content selected by health experts to consumers' smartphones at the time and place it is most useful, even when the application is closed.

"OrganizedWisdom is on a mission to close the 'Online Health Gap' -- the scary space that exists between a doctor visit and the Internet, where people are left alone with an empty search box and millions of computer-generated results," said Unity Stoakes, president and co-founder of OrganizedWisdom. "This mobile initiative represents an important step in advancing our mission of connecting patients, wherever they are, with the most credible health and wellness experts."

The number of medical professionals actively engaging online has been rapidly increasing, but until now there has not been a reliable method for organizing these contributions. OrganizedWisdom is building a comprehensive Expert Health Graph to collect, organize, and promote these online contributions of thousands of vetted health experts and advocates now actively sharing wisdom across the Web.

"We are so excited to partner with OrganizedWisdom because they fully understand the value mobile technology can bring to helping people get the information they need, whenever and wherever," said Josh Rochlin, Xtify CEO. "

Xtify's smart notification technology makes it easy for OrganizedWisdom to deliver the most relevant, timely, and highly engaging expert wisdom to its users, ensuring a guided and helpful experience with each notification." Xtify's smart notifications are visually rich messages sent directly to a consumer's smartphone based on rules that content editors and marketers define, such as time of day, user responsiveness, user location, and other criteria that ensures delivery of content when consumers are most likely to need and act on it.

About OrganizedWisdom

OrganizedWisdom is on a mission to close the "Online Health Gap" and elevate the standard of care by inspiring all doctors and health experts to embrace the power of digital media and share their wisdom. The company collects, organizes, and promotes online wisdom shared across the Web by more than 5,000 vetted health and wellness experts. The company's investors include leading health, technology, and business minds: Esther Dyson, Roger Ehrenberg, Jason Finger, Linda Holliday, Jerry Levin, Jeff Stewart and SeventySix Capital. Learn more at

About Xtify, Inc.

Xtify, Inc. is a provider of mobile technology that helps brand marketers and content publishers deliver highly targeted information to their mobile customers based on users' preferences, behaviors and real-time physical locations. The company is based in New York City and founded by Silicon Alley serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich and Jeremy Levy. Backed by venture capital firms Acadia Woods Partners and SeventySix Capital, Xtify leverages a patent-pending technology to efficiently provide marketers and publishers with a unique platform for delivering geo-relevant messages to mobile users. Xtify's platform works worldwide on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems, with Windows Phone 7 to come. Learn more at


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