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New Web 2.0 Site Brings World's Artists to Your HDTV
Laguna Beach, California

A revolutionary new website is poised to forever change the way people find and enjoy artwork. The site,, utilizes artist submissions and professional curation to bring talented photographers, painters and video artists from around the world direct to your flat screen television in stunning High-Definition clarity.

As the world increasingly moves away from traditional canvas-and-frame art display and embraces the infinite flexibility of digital display, has become a leading provider of "Art for Your Television" content. "Our new Web 2.0 site brings artists from across the globe straight to your fingertips," says Director of Production, Justin Thomas Ostensen. "Finding quality artwork for your home or office used to entail hours of searching galleries and significant expense. allows you to explore a wide range of great artwork from the comfort of your home, then easily display it on your HDTV while you're relaxing or entertaining guests." offers a broad selection of "Art for Your Television" content, including DVDs, downloads and even a "Create Your Own Custom DVD" feature where you can curate your own art DVD. It's all part of the company's goal to make enjoying art easier and more flexible. "It's virtually impossible to fit all the art you love into one house or apartment," Ostensen says, "but with, you can create DVDs with dozens of great artwork. Or you can download art and create Art Playlists on your favorite media player, which are just like Music Playlists, and allow you to enjoy ever-changing artwork for hours."

In addition to paintings and photography, the high-definition video art on the site has been particularly popular with customers. curators have selected a wide range of video art for the site, running the gamut from peaceful sunset time lapses and cloudscapes to abstract modern forms that smoothly morph and blend together. currently features over 1,000 works of art from exhibiting artists around the world and over 50 different "Ready to Order" ambient DVDs. Artwork categories include Nature, Travel/Culture, Contemporary, Abstract and VJ/Club.


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