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Personalized Health Care Tracking to the Next Level with Innovative Free Online Tools
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By merging ordinary technology such as cell phones and personal computers with sophisticated web-based applications, Mosaic Health Solutions has created a breakthrough online health tracking system that allows users to more effectively and efficiently manage their personal health. Called Healthy Footsteps, the interactive program requires just minutes a day, but generates a lifetime of benefits including better medication compliance, accurate tracking of symptoms, ongoing reminders of physician treatment recommendations, weekly printouts for physicians that help improve communication and increase effectiveness of office visits, big picture reports that allow participants to view progress over time, and much more.

Accessible and Innovative

"Although Healthy Footsteps is the result of years of working with industry leaders to develop accessible, comprehensive and innovative web-based applications, it also is the result of my passion for helping people. With, I was able to tap my technology background, marketing skills and industry relationships to find a creative and accessible way to help people get healthy and take control of their lives," explains Founder and CEO Andrew Rosen, whose background includes several start-ups including Mosaic Health Solutions (parent company of Healthy Footsteps), a stint with internet giant AOL and a key role in the Cal Ripken organization. "Because health care has emerged as one of the biggest issues our country is facing, developing ways for people to take a bigger role in prevention, compliance and personal responsibility is particularly important. Unlike Web MD, which is primarily a consumer health information portal, Healthy Footsteps, on the other hand, is focused on merging health tools that are interactive and proactive."

Free and Easy

Currently, Healthy Footsteps is available for people coping with diagnoses that particularly benefit from daily tracking: depression, anxiety, panic attacks and diabetes. In addition, the Healthy Footsteps-MedNotices program provides daily medications reminders. Other conditions that will soon become part of the family include stress, insomnia, heart health, nutrition and wellness, fertility, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, osteoporosis, HIV and weight loss. Under development are specialty Healthy Footsteps programs for kids, teens and seniors that address conditions and issues reflecting their individual life stages. All programs are free, easily accessible on the Web, and privacy protected.

Weekly Reports Key to Health Tracking and Trending

How exactly does the Healthy Footsteps program work? Once users have signed up, daily prompts delivered via an email or text message remind them to input relevant information on things like mood, nutrition, sleep, stressors, exercise, medication and so on into a daily online journal. Because the journal relies on pull-down menus and one-click replies, the time commitment is minimal -- as little as five minutes a day. However, there are also sections in the program for users to record additional, lengthier thoughts. All sections get compiled into weekly reports that the individuals can print out and share with their physician or medical professional. "As a result," says Rosen, "patients can maximize their doctor's visits and be able to more accurately report on their health status. Doctors can identify trends and get a more complete picture on their patient's health and the many factors influencing treatment progress."

Healthy Footsteps-MedNotices Reinforces Compliance

Also available through Healthy Footsteps is HF-MedNotices. This state-of-the-art program uses text messages via cell phone and/or email messages via computer to remind people to take their scheduled medications and vitamins. "We developed Healthy Footsteps-MedNotices because medication compliance is such a huge problem -- resulting in unnecessary hospitalizations, poorer outcomes and an estimated $200 billion annually in additional medical care. MedNotices takes common forgetfulness -- something people of every age and diagnosis struggle with -- out of the equation, giving people simple, direct ways to stay on top of their medications," says Rosen.

"Both Healthy Footsteps and Healthy Footsteps-MedNotices are designed so that even people who are computer novices will feel comfortable. Taking charge of your health is so important -- we've just made it easy." For more information, visit .


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