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Better Living Through Well Being

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Mary M McLaughlin, PresidentWelcome to TM Information Services!

TM Information Services provides counseling and education regarding personal health and well being through the Better Living Through Well Being on-line newsletter. We also provide living microgreens through Greenman Microgreens.

Years ago we changed the name of our electronic newsletter from “Better Living Through Technology” to “Better Living Through Well Being” to reflect the focus of our business from
primarily technology consulting. In doing so we reflected on the definition of technology and what it means to us.

Technology is defined as the branch of knowledge that deals with the industrial arts and sciences, and we’ve always believed that technology is also part of a larger spectrum of human activity and that a society or culture can interact with and shape technologies that are used. In this, we differ from technological determinists who imply that the progression of a technology cannot be controlled and that people cannot change it or stop it once it is started.

In his essay, “Technology as Forms of Life,” Langdon Winner coined the term “technological somnambulism” and he wonders whether or not we are simply sleepwalking though our existence with little concern or knowledge as to how we truly interact with technology. He states it is still possible for us to wake up and once again take control of the direction in which we are traveling.

We acknowledge that there are ethical questions specific to the Technology Age. Far from being a mere tool, each piece of technology is endowed with the ethical commitments given to it by those who made it and have decided how it must be used. For example, in the area of computer security, an innovation is considered as right or wrong before implementing it. Similarly, a scientist has an obligation to consider the implications of nuclear technology that could be unleashed upon the world as a weapon. Ethical questions surround the production of a technology that wastes energy or resources, or manufacturing processes that might inhibit employment or might inflict suffering in the third world. It is easy to see how the ethics of technology quickly breaks down into the ethics of human endeavors. Bioethics grapples with delicate questions exacerbated by the new life-preserving technologies, new cloning technologies, and new technologies for implantation.

We will be keeping this in mind as we present articles under the general heading of “well being.” Articles included here will discuss various topics such as emedicine, health technology, natural health, herbal medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, integrative medicine, bioethics, empowered patients, personal health care, telemedicine, health and wellness, natural therapy, holistic medicine, and patient-centered care.

-- Mary M. McLaughlin, TMIS President and Principal Consultant

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