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Get Ready to Return to Life Post COVID-19
Altadena, California

Blue Marble Health, along with program partners in Long Beach, New York City, and Alpena, announced a self-assessment plan as a part of a return to independence. As the rate of new COVID vaccinations rises, communities are beginning to discuss the process of opening up. Residents are starting to think about expanding their independence and returning to their pre-COVID-19 routines. Whether it entails walking around the block or walking around the grocery store, are you ready for a new normal? How is your physical strength? Balance? Do you have the endurance you need to keep your independence and return to regular activities as you know them? How can you safely find out and, if necessary, get assistance in regaining your strength and balance to regain your independence?

The partnership offers digitized self-assessments that will help older adults determine their readiness to stay independent and return to normal routines. The assessment battery considers strength, balance, endurance, diet, eyesight, mental health, and medication to calculate a fall risk score. Those who score in the "Typical for the Age and Gender," are likely ready to go about their day as before. Scores in the "Higher Fall Risk" suggest you will benefit from a consult with a physical therapist to help get you ready to interact with your friends and family safely. The program partners can help you target the areas you wish to improve so that you can safely and confidently return to your typical routine.

Do you know someone who would be interested in learning about their independence and fall risk? Have them complete the digital assessment battery. There is no fee associated with taking the assessment(s). Fees associated with Physical Therapy are typically covered by healthcare insurance. Group exercise programs may have a nominal fee to cover the instructor's time. Participation requires an Internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, and an accessible email account.

Follow the link ( and use the download code Healthy to take the assessment.

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The Blue Marble Health ( Assessment, Intervention, Monitoring and Analytics Platform supports onsite and home-based Telehealth and Care Management for COPD, and other chronic conditions.


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