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Las Vegas Hypnotherapist Sees Spike in Anxiety Calls Despite COVID Vaccine Deployment in Nevada
04-06-2021 -- Las Vegas, Nevada

A Las Vegas hypnotherapist has seen a dramatic rise in calls for anxiety relief, confounding expectations that vaccination would help allay Nevadans' pandemic-related fears. Before the pandemic lockdowns shuttered his hypnosis practice in early 2020, the majority of Kevin Cole's clients came to him to stop smoking, with the rest seeking help for anxiety relief or to get over heartbreak or past relationships.

When the Las Vegas Hypnosis Center finally re-opened for virtual sessions last summer, the vast majority of Cole's clients were seeking help for fear, anxiety, sleeplessness, and repetitive, worrisome thoughts. "This isn't surprising, given the uncertainty about the pandemic and the lockdowns at that time," said Cole.

Now that several COVID-19 vaccines are available, the Las Vegas hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner expected to get back to his stop smoking work. Instead, anxious clients are keeping him busy both in person and via virtual sessions. "I've never seen anything like it. Anxiety is through the roof, and many people who've never been anxious before are suffering terribly with repetitive thoughts about the virus, a fear of needles that keeps them from getting vaccinated, the lockdowns, their kids' education, the economy, current events -- people are just crazed after being locked up for a year," he says.

Cole believes clients are attracted to hypnosis because it's a fast-acting, drug-free method people can use to rid themselves of negative thinking patterns that manifest as anxiety and trouble sleeping. For a limited time Cole is offering free access to his hypnosis audio MP3, "Deep Sleep," to help people who are kept awake by anxious thoughts. Most users say they've never heard the end of the recording, because they quickly and easily fall asleep long before the audio ends. The free hypnosis sleep recording is available at

Though there are times when it's appropriate to seek help from a licensed mental health professional, for many people feeling anxious is often simply the result of bad thinking habits, Cole says, and those habits can be un-learned with the help of hypnosis. Negative, catastrophic thinking has become habitual for many people during the pandemic, and "these un-helpful thinking patterns are actually encouraged by the algorithms that drive social media," says the hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis helps people build more productive and positive thinking patterns that make them feel happier and more in control of their emotions. With hypnosis, people can learn to feel good, no matter what's going on in their lives or in the world at large.

Overcoming anxiety is often the first step to quitting smoking. "Many of my smoking cessation clients say they smoke because it helps them calm down. In reality, of course, nicotine is a stimulant. It's the act of taking a deep breath that makes the smoker feel less stressed-out," says the Las Vegas hypnosis expert, who teaches his clients deep breathing and other de-stressing techniques in addition to hypnosis.

Hypnosis appears to change activity levels in certain parts of the brain related to perception and processing emotions, Cole adds. "During a session, I help the client vividly imagine and emotionally connect to their desired positive future without anxiety, or without tobacco, or without the heartache attached to a past relationship. It's much easier to manifest a positive future when you can see and feel yourself experiencing it."

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