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This first issue of TMIS E-Newsletter is mainly a sincere "thank you" to all of our colleagues, associates, customers, supporters, family and friends.  All of you have in some way fueled our dream and given us courage to take our business in a new direction.  We hope you will take some time to visit our new TMIS Web site and see how our virtual collaboration and vision have expanded.  There will now be featured news and articles relevant to your industry and your lifestyle.

Now, in addition to the technical communications services we continue to provide in association with our colleaques,  we are also offering products which we hope will fit the needs of the technical communicator, business person, author, artist or consultant.  From our main Web site you can click the tab to visit our new Thunder Mountain site.  There you will find the doorway to our newly-opened Thunder Mountain On-line store, and also books on entrepreneurial skills, personal development, business planning, office and home productivity, technical communications, and Web software (but please pardon our dust for a little while, parts are still under construction).  After studying the top technology reviews and recommendations for books, we have selected only the best products for sale through our site. 

At the newly-opened Thunder Mountain On-line Store you'll find a full array of handheld and notebook computers, accessories, peripherals, multimedia, electronic organizers, wireless networking and conference equipment.  We have brought together items that are portable and easy to use so that professionals, on the go, can get their work done in a more efficient manner. Our experience has taught us that by being more efficient, we are more effective, so we have selected tools that meet this criteria.
From the Front Page of TMIS News

Managers Need A Better Way to Deal With Spam

This article is based on a survey taken by managed email security provider, MessageLabs, in July 2002 and the results which are based on responses of 200 general business managers across the U.S.  One highlight of the survey revealed 79% of C-level execs are convinced spam will be a bigger problem in the future, and 68% see value in smarter spam management.
 Spam Survey
FCC to Review Ownership Rules

This new Federal ruling could lead to major changes for newspapers and radio and television stations.
We meant to keep this first e-newsletter short, but plan to send one out at least quarterly with updates about new products and news of forces on the horizon that shape the future.  We don't really believe in spam, at least not intentional spam, so if you prefer not to receive any more of these mailings, please use the link below.

Please visit our new TM Information Services Web site, and take a look around. You may find something interesting on the TMIS News front page.  Scroll down to find an article by featured columnist Seamus, the Linux-Loving Luddite, and be sure to read the Daily Astrological Forecast by Esther Arce.
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