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       Holiday Issue  December 2002
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The new Books and Web Services sections are now open at Thunder Mountain! In addition to tools for efficiency (portable computing devices and other products to fit the needs of the technical communicator, business person, author, artist and consultant), we now feature books and Web services available through our affiliate companies. The books are bestsellers and recommendations from our TMIS associates.

We have added new products and new product lines to Thunder Mountain the On-Line Store. After studying the top technology reviews, we have selected only the best rated products and brands for our Digital Cameras, Conference and Present, Security, Multimedia and Wireless Networking sections, and you will find more handheld, notebooks, accessories and peripherals to choose from.

I am happy to be getting this message to you in time for the holiday shopping season. Perhaps you will browse and find some ideas for a gift for a friend or colleague in the new sections, or in Thunder Mountain the On-Line Store. Additional feedback and recommendations are always welcome.

- Mary M. McLaughlin

In this Issue:
From the Book Store
From Web Services
From Thunder Mountain On-Line Store
From the Front Page of TMIS News

From the Book Store

In the Technology section you will find selections from Computing & Internet, Digital Design & Multimedia, and Networking & Telecom. In the Communications section you will find selections from Business Communication, Freelance Writing, Reference, and Technical Writing. In the Personal & Professional Development section you will find selections from Career, Entrepreneurial, Quality of Life, and Wealth Building. In the Public Administration section you will find selections from Economic Policy, Federal Government, and Political Theory & Ideology. You will find many fine selections in the Leadership, Business Management, Marketing & Sales, and Legal sections.

From Web Services

We have teamed up with the world's most experienced Web hosting provider, NTT/Verio, to offer you the best hosting solution on the Internet! Select from a variety of plans to fit every need. State-of-the-art network systems utilizing multiple T3 connections, high performance SGI servers, uninterruptible power, and daily tape backups guarantees your Web site will be served up quickly and reliably. Hosting plans begin for as low as $14.95 per month with advance payment. Domain Name Registration and Webmail services are also available. Quality professional Webmaster tools are available through our partnership with Here you will find Web development and publishing tools for multimedia and content management. If you do not see the script you are looking for, can custom build it for you.

From Thunder Mountain On-Line Store

In store specials, we have the Nikon CoolPix 5000, a 5-Megapixel professional's camera, and the CoolPix 4500, designed for large-format printing carrying an additional $50 and $100 manufacturer's rebate until December 31. We have digital cameras from Sony and accessories for all the cameras.

In Notebooks, the Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 2Ghz Notebook Computer is our new multimedia work horse, and we also now have Toshiba's new Portege 3500 Tablet PC. In Handhelds, you'll find a large selection of Sony Clie Palm OS models, and also the Toshiba Pocket PCs. We have also just added the Zaurus, the open-source handheld from Sharp that runs on Linux OS.

We now have conferencing and presentation equipment for every scale situation from need to be on the road and portable to need to handle large conference and training facilities with ease. We have wireless networking tools that help keep your operation seamless and portable. We have portable printers from Canon and Lexmark. Take a look at Security to avoid taking unnecessary risks with your portable computing tools. Multimedia has selections of Wacom graphics tablets, Archos MP3 and multimedia players, and you'll also find a wide array of Webcams and PC Cameras. In Peripherals you can now find wired and wireless keyboards, keypads, mice and trackballs.

From the Front Page of TMIS News

National Technology Alliance to Define Open Source Strategy Within Federal Government
Bethseda, Maryland

The National Technology Alliance (NTA) has partnered with the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) as part of an NTA Open Source Program. The NTA Open Source Program is dedicated to the development and implementation of open source technology for use within the U.S. Government. "We applaud NTA for taking a leadership role in defining a clear strategy for open source technologies within the government," said OSSI chairman, John Weathersby. "Open Source currently plays a major role within many Federal and other public service IT systems. We look forward to working with NTA and other agencies to help them, and ultimately all taxpayers, realize the benefits of implementing open source solutions."
Full Story

Study Finds U.S. In Top 3 Most Favorable E-Commerce Environments
New York, New York

A new study released today by leading strategy and technology consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton identifies the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada as the nations with the best environments for e-commerce, combining an up-to-date communications infrastructure with strong political leadership. Booz Allen examined both statistical indicators and government policies that affect e-commerce, identifying the most advanced e-economies and the reasons for their success.
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Positive Change in Economic Climate: Five Harbingers of Improvement Identified
Seattle, Washington

International technology analyst Mark Anderson says there are an increasing number of events and trends that portend a positive change in economic news. In his Strategic News Service newsletter, Anderson identifies five indicators. Five distant lights, if you will, that may be the harbingers of a long-term, if low-key, improvement in business conditions.
Full Story

Men and Women Differ on Best Holiday Movie Memories, Agree on Worst Suncoast Survey Reveals Women Want "It's a Wonderful Life," Men Prefer "Vacation," and "Ernest" Gets No Respect

It's no secret that men and women have different tastes, and a recent survey has found that holiday movies are another point of disparity for the sexes. But they don't disagree on everything...
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I Scream, You Scream, Clients Scream for Media Streaming

What's the new interactive tool du jour for PR professionals? Streaming media. Increasingly, PR professionals are using the online platform to distribute video news releases and investor alerts, broadcast live product launches and place CEO interviews.Streaming media is fed to the Internet user as it is viewed, like television or listening to the radio. The technology was developed because waiting for audio and video files to completely load had simply become unbearable.
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Ask us about government and education discounts on computers and software.

All of us here at TMIS are wishing you a blessed holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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