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TMIS’s Summer 2005 eNewsletter highlights the latest developments in the portable power industry. The most notable developments were showcased at the recent Small Fuel Cells Conference in Washington, D.C. Neah Power Systems, Inc. demonstrated their major technical milestone – a silicon-based direct-methanol fuel cell with a fully integrated multi-cell “stack” as its core engine. These fuel cells, which provide long-lasting energy, are efficient and safe power solutions for portable electronic devices such as notebook PCs and other power-intensive computer, entertainment and telecommunications products. These systems are also ideal for portable and remote military operations because they are small, lightweight and durable.

A study made public at the conference by Jane’s Information Group, tells about the increasing amount of battery-dependent items used on the battlefield by the modern military. The addition of sensors and other aids to the individual soldier in this new environment has led to a dramatic increase in the demands for portable power sources. A similar increase in demand for portable power exists within the homeland security infrastructure in its needs for battery-dependent surveillance and IT systems.

To learn who the key players are in the fuel cell industry, check out the Fuel Cell Yearbook. Hitachi’s partnership with disposable lighter maker Tokai to produce commercial fuel cells for handheld computers is worth noting. Their prototype cartridge is about the size of an AA battery that contains methanol at a 20 percent concentration, and could power a PDA for six to eight hours.

Nanosys, Inc. and Sharp Corporation have formed another strategic collaboration to develop high performance fuel cells for laptop computers, cell phones, and cameras. Nanosys is a leader in the development of nanotechnology-based products utilizing high performance inorganic nanostructures. Sharp Corporation is a leader in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and digital technologies. Such a partnership is bound to produce breakthroughs in fuel cell technology.

Other articles and announcements in this issue include: a story about how wireless technology companies and systems integrators compete to serve first response for homeland security, a study that explains how WiMAX is poised to revolutionize basic technology systems thoughout the developing world, startling information regarding how the aging “baby boomer” workforce is shifting the workplace landscape, and a story about how governments are finding wisdom in implementing state-of-the-art digital writing tools for mobile data capture.

I am grateful to be in a collaborative business with many talented and skilled professionals. Additional feedback and recommendations for our products and services at TM Information Services are always welcome.

- Mary M. McLaughlin

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Neah Power Systems Announces Achievement of Micro Fuel Cell Technical Milestone

Washington, D.C.

Neah Power Systems, Inc., an emerging leader in micro fuel cell technology, today announced the achievement of a major technical milestone. A fully integrated, multi-cell "stack," functioning as the core engine of the fuel cell, was recently demonstrated at the company's laboratory. The results support the exciting potential of Neah Power's silicon-based, patented architecture. Compared to currently announced competitive technologies, this architecture is expected to set a new standard in micro fuel cell technology by scaling to higher power densities and improving operating efficiencies, leading to smaller physical form factors. Neah Power Systems is developing a silicon-based direct-methanol fuel cell (DMFC) aimed at providing longer-lasting power solutions for mobile and remote applications, such as military communications devices, notebook PCs, and other advanced electronics products.

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Jane's report: 'Powerful Challenges: A view on the Evolving State of Powering Technologies for Soldier-borne Equipment'
Washington, D.C.

At the Small Fuel Cells Confernce, MTI MicroFuel Cells Inc. (MTI Micro), the developer of the award-winning Mobion(TM) micro fuel cell battery replacement technology, made public a study that examines the increasing challenges faced by the U.S. Military to keep up with personal power demands of modern soldiers. Jane's Information Group, a leading independent provider of intelligence and analysis on national and international defense, conducted the study. MTI commissioned the study as part of the Company's plans to deliver fuel cell-based military solutions to the government in 2006.

The study cites unmet power demands created by the rapid advances in technology that are making modern combat soldiers exponentially better equipped and better informed than their predecessors. From night vision goggles and satellite communications to smart weapons and networked sensors, the battlefield has become an increasingly electronic and power-hungry landscape. In the U.S. Army inventory alone there are currently between 450 and 500 items dependent upon batteries to enable some or all of their functionality.
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Company Previews Mobion(TM) Technology for Military Applications and Reiterates Market Entry for a Military Product in 2006
Washington, D.C.

Dr. Shimshon Gottesfeld, Chief Technology Officer of MTI MicroFuel Cells, the developer of the award-winning Mobion(TM) micro fuel cell technology for handheld electronic devices, demonstrated at the 7th Annual Small Fuel Cells for Portable Applications Conference how Mobion(TM) technology could be deployed to power future military sensor applications. Military sensors are becoming increasingly important for military operations; they can be placed in strategic locations and networked together to detect, record, and send intelligent information to a central location. Applications can range from surveillance and monitoring of U.S. borders for homeland defense to deploying sensors in enemy territory for combat operations.
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Hitachi Announced It is Teaming Up With Disposable-Lighter Maker Tokai to Produce Commercial Fuel Cells for Handheld Computers in 2005

Dublin, Ireland

Fuel Cell Yearbook is a 100-page report which provides a comprehensive look at key activities within the fuel cell industry during the year 2004. It's the only resource you need to track who the major players are in the fuel cell industry, who the buyers are, how development of different technologies is progressing, what major financial transactions are taking place, what government is doing to support fuel cells, and what pieces of infrastructure are being put in place.
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Nanosys and Sharp to Collaborate on Nanotechnology-Enabled Fuel
Palo Alto, California

Nanosys, Inc. announced it entered into a collaborative agreement with Sharp Corporation of Osaka, Japan, to develop nanotechnology-enabled fuel cells incorporating Nanosys' proprietary nanostructure technology. Under the terms of the agreement, Nanosys will collaborate with Sharp to utilize its nanostructure technology to help develop high performance fuel cells for use in portable consumer electronics such as laptop computers, cell phones and cameras. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed. "Sharp's expertise and success in the development and commercialization of portable electronics and renewable energy products makes them an excellent collaborator for Nanosys," said Calvin Chow, Nanosys' Chief Executive Officer. "We are excited about the opportunity to apply our nanostructure technology with Sharp to address the numerous opportunities in the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar portable power market."

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Wireless Technology Companies and Systems Integrators Compete in First Response for Homeland Security
Point Roberts, Washington

Wireless technology companies and systems integrators are competing for market share as wireless technology is utilized to move time-critical and time-sensitive information to and from first responders. Players in the sector since 9/11 include: Flarion Technologies Inc., a wireless broadband technology provider partnered with Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics TalkSECURE™ wireless phone, RSA Security Inc. and small innovators like Aether Systems Inc, Roaming Messenger, Inc and Aegis Assessments Inc. The need for secure and reliable means of communications in homeland defense and emergency response is driving technology and innovation.

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WTRS Forecasts That WiMAX Will Be the 'Tipping Point' in the Developing World for Spectacular Technological Growth in Communications, Data Transmission, and Infrastructure Growth
Mountain View, California

A landmark study released by West Technology Research Solutions, LLC (WTRS) finds that mobile and fixed WiMAX will supplement communication structures in the developed world, but will truly revolutionize basic technology systems throughout the developing world. According to WTRS principal analyst, Kirsten West, Ph.D., "The fixed WiMAX boom will come in Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe. By 2010 shipments in less developed areas will be twice those in the developed world. WiMAX may prove to be the most significant tool in unleashing rapid vitalization in nascent economies."

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Technology, Boomers Drive Current Workplace Trends
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

With new technologies changing the way people work, and a significant portion of the workforce on the cusp of retirement, we're starting to see shifts in the workplace landscape, according to Bernadette Kenny, Executive Vice President of global career management services company Lee Hecht Harrison. Kenny cited five workplace trends she expects to gain momentum in the year ahead:

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Strategic Alliance to Bring Digital Writing Enterprise Software to the Government Information Processing Marketplace
Fairfax, Virginia

Mi-Co announced today that the company has signed a strategic alliance with ASM Research that empowers ASM consultants to rapidly implement state-of-the-art mobile data capture applications for its government clients. "During the negotiations with ASM Research," stated Jim Clary, Mi-Co CEO, "We came to value the fact that ASMR has a 30-year history as a leading provider of information technology solutions for the Federal Government. More importantly, it became very clear to us that ASMR always puts the needs of their Government customers first. This philosophy completely fits with the Mi-Co culture. Therefore, we are very excited about this new alliance. The combination of Mi-Co's mobile data capture software, Mi-Forms, plus ASMR's project management and solution implementation skills can significantly reduce the Federal Government's costs of capturing data. This will enable all Government agencies to make a smooth transition from their traditional paper-based forms data collection processes to completely electronic forms-based processes. Lowering the effort and time required to manually enter handwritten forms data and re-type the information into computer systems can save the Government extraordinary amounts of time and money."

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