Fall Issue September 2005
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Tools for efficiency — Mobile Computing Tools for Commuting Professionals.

As communications technology continues to evolve, various devices and means of communication are converging. Whether you are a road warrior, a commuting professional, or anyone who has a need for connectivity, choices such as “do I use my phone to get email, or my PDA or notebook computer to make phone calls, my TV to get Internet, or my computer entertainment center to receive video on demand” may remain a bit complex awhile longer, but the emerging solutions seem to promise simplification. The device we use for just one type of connectivity today will soon be able to access far more.

We’ve mentioned the WiMAX protocol, the new broadband wireless standard and how it is catching on a bit faster in Europe and other developing countries where not as much preexisting legacy infrastructure inhibits new development. A new innovation by companies in the U.S. involves integrating WiMAX with Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) networks to extend availability of Internet access, telephony, video on demand, interactive TV, and wireless mobile support over existing infrastructure (coaxial cable or satellite dish). So in terms of broadband access, DBS is a third option soon to worry the competition.

We’ve also mentioned a trend to meet the need for convergence between Wi-Fi and cellular phone networks. This trend takes a leap forward thanks to the new Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology enabling access to mobile voice, data and IMS over IP broadband access and the unlicensed spectrum. This allows subscribers to roam and handover between cellular networks and public and private unlicensed wireless LANs using dual-mode networks, maintaining their call as they move from one to the other.

We’ve also been talking about advances in nanotechnology, which is still less than a household term, but companies are investing increasingly more in research of this cutting edge area to develop new high-performance, low-power components to help build smaller and faster electronic devices. Nanotechnology is defined by various sources as “an area of science which deals with developing and producing extremely small tools and machines by controlling the arrangement of individual atoms;” “the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules);” and “a cross-disciplinary technology slated to be a field that will generate the next industrial revolution, making an education in nanotechnology essential.” The essence of the concept is that as substances are scaled down, they take on more novel characteristics and resemble nature’s own nanodevices: proteins, DNA and membranes. Single-walled carbon nanotubes used as transistors and semiconductors, plasmons or waves of electrons that travel metal surfaces acting as lightwaves transmitting at gigahertz speeds for telecommunication, and an isotopically pure silicon-28 to replace natural silicon in the production of wafers for computer chips are examples. We will continue to report in TMIS eNews on stunning developments in the field of nanotechnology.

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Innovative Technology Enables Digital Broadcast Satelite Operators to Provision Voice, Data, Video on Demand and Interactive TV Over Existing Infrastructure
New York, New York

WiNetworks has announced the availability of a ground-breaking WiMAX-based solution designed to enable Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) operators to leap from their one-way TV broadcast network to a two-way broadband network able to offer Triple Play (voice, video, and data) services. The WiNetworks patented Hybrid WiMAX DVB (HWDV(TM)) technology allows DBS Operators to leverage their customer premise infrastructure (e.g. dish, existing coax wiring, existing STB, etc.) to deploy a WiMAX network at a very low cost while offering a fully integrated triple-play bundle.

WiNetworks is the first company to use the new WiMAX protocol (IEEE 802.16 d/e) to deliver a solution uniquely designed for the DBS industry. WiMAX is the new broadband wireless standard backed by over 300 telecom technology and service providers.

"The DBS carriers have recognized the need to expand beyond their existing satellite infrastructure in order to deliver broadband triple-play services." states Mr. Effi Atad, CEO, WiNetworks, "Our innovative solution will do for DBS what HFC did for cable, and will make DBS operators the third and most effective broadband access channel to the home. Over time WiMAX ability to deliver fully integrated fixed and mobile connectivity services will provide DBS carriers with an advantage over CATV and Telcos."

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Unlicensed Mobile Access Opening Up Residential Telephone Market to Mobile Carriers
Dallas, Texas

Deployment of Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) technology will enable mobile phone carriers to accelerate residential telephone fixed-to-wireless substitution while increasing ARPU and decreasing churn. This convergence of Wi-Fi and cellular networks will generate an estimated $1.6 billion in new revenues for these carriers by 2010 in the U.S. alone. Dual mode subscribers are forecasted to reach 55 million by 2010. These are some of the key findings from a new research report: "UMA and Beyond: Mobile Operators Benefit from Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence," now available from Alexander Resources, a leading research, consulting and education firm specializing in wireless communications.

The new report assesses the technology and market potential of UMA and other Wi-Fi and cellular convergence solutions in the residential, enterprise, and hotspot market. It includes an extensive forecast of worldwide demand and revenues for converged Wi-Fi and cellular services, and an in-depth analysis of the effect that Wi-Fi and cellular convergence will have on traffic over fixed and cellular lines.
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Nokia and Kineto Announce Collaboration in UMA Technology
Espoo, Finland and Milpitas, California

Nokia, the world leader in mobile communications, and Kineto Wireless, the key innovator and leading global supplier of UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) technology, today announced an agreement to address the area of convergence between fixed and mobile networks and services in selected key customer cases. In addition, the companies are currently engaged in UMA trials with major operators and will continue to collaborate on future network trials.

Under the terms of the agreement, Nokia will incorporate Kineto's UMA Network Controller into its network convergence solutions for wireline and wireless operators. As part of the multi-access solutions, this complements other elements in Nokia's powerful end-to-end network convergence offering, which includes the Nokia Unified Core Network for common service machinery, Operations Support Services (OSS), multimedia services, service and network integration, as well as world-class mobile devices.
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Eight Countries Represented in International Nanotechnology Business Idea Competition
Cleveland, Ohio

Organizers of the second annual International and North Coast Nanotechnology Business Idea Competitions today announced they have received more than 40 entries from the United States and seven other countries, including Canada, China, India, Italy, Romania and the Ukraine. The entries will be judged here October 20-21 during NANO Week. "The international representation we've attracted indicates the growing global interest in nanotechnology along with recognition of Ohio as an emerging leader in this area," said Gary Wnek, co-director of The Institute for Management and Engineering (TiME) at Case Western Reserve University.
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TechnoBusiness Forum for the Forest Products Industry
Atlanta, Georgia

A key participant in the 2005 TechnoBusiness Forum, co-hosted by the Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies (CPBIS) and the Institute of Paper Science and Technology (IPST), at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA was Dr. E. Clayton Teague, Director of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO). This office serves as the secretariat for the National Science and Technology Council's Nanoscale Science, Engineering, and Technology Subcommittee that coordinates Federal government efforts in the area of nanoscale science and technology. The goal of the National Nanotechnology Initiative is to fully realize the promise of nanotechnology and translate that promise into improvements in the national economy, national security, and the quality of life while protecting the public health and the environment. Dr. Teague participated in a leading edge panel session on nanotechnology and delivered the keynote on Day Two of the TechnoBusiness Forum.

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TRENDnet's New Wi-Fi Detectors + Adapters Make Locating and Connecting to Wi-Fi HotSpots Easier Than Ever
Torrance, California

TRENDnet, a best-in-class networking manufacturer of wired and wireless networking solutions has expanded its complete line of high-performance Wi-Fi products with two new revolutionary Wi-Fi Detectors, the TEW-509UB and TEW-429UB. Whether you are a Road Warrior, Network Administrator or anyone who spends time looking for a Wi-Fi signal, the pocket-size Wi-Fi Detectors allow you to quickly locate available wireless networks and connect with an integrated Wi-Fi Adapter. The TEW-429UB can connect to 802.11b or g networks, while the TEW-509UB supports 802.11a, b or g signals. They include an easy-to-read LCD display that provides detailed information on all of the networks within a 200ft range in less than 5 seconds. Once the user decides on a signal to connect to, the integrated Wi-Fi adapter can be plugged into the laptop to connect to the network in seconds. Due to their lightweight portability and unmatched feature set, these product stand out as the leading Wi-Fi Detectors in the market and are a must have Wi-Fi tool for anyone with a wireless laptop.

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EDGE Tech Corp Releases Highest Capacity 2.5" External Hard Drive; Ultra Portable Hard Drives Ranging in Size From 20GB to 100GB Are Now Shipping
Mountain View, California

EDGE Tech Corp, a leading supplier of DRAM and Flash memory upgrades, portable computing products, storage devices, and other experience-enhancing technology solutions announced today the introduction of the 100GB DiskGO!(TM) 2.5" Ultra Portable Hard Drive.

"EDGE is one of the first to offer a 100GB 2.5" drive mechanism in a small, external form factor," stated Jeff Thompson, President & CEO of EDGE. "Whether you use a laptop or desktop, the 100GB 2.5" hard drive is the perfect way to add storage capacity to your computer. Don't let its trim size fool you -- even though it doesn't take up much space, it holds over 1500 hours of digital music or 25,000+ digital pictures," continued Thompson.

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