Summer Issue June 2006
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Better Living Through Technology

A green tech wave is entering the mainstream as major investors see the significance of a wide array of Green smart products.. The market continues to reflect consumers demand for eco-friendly products. Green technology refers to any technology that offers a more environmentally friendly solution compared to the existing product. Alternative energy, “green” building materials, hybrid vehicles, and solar power are all examples of Green technology. The on-going fast growth and industrialization in global economies like China and India has created an awareness of how environmental impacts can greatly reduce profits if they are not handled properly. Investing in the Green technology products just makes sense, but as World Bank Chief Scientist Robert Watson suggests, the problem is to induce investment. This TMIS eNewsletter article announces a new investor and industry portal for environmental and Green energy investing. Its creators see innovation in Green technology as a growing occurrence as top level executives diversify their portfolios with renewable energy ventures. They believe a greener focus is becoming more important to the marketplace.

When I first heard the term “wiki,” I thought of those Hawaiian torch lanterns we light in our backyards in the summer to keep bugs away. It turned out I wasn’t too far off. The concept’s inventor coined the term after the “wiki wiki” shuttle buses at Honolulu Airport (means quick in Hawaiian). A wiki is a web application that allows users to add content, such as on an Internet forum, also allowing editing privileges to anyone. Many people now know of, for example. The term wiki also refers to the software used to create such a website. This collaborative instant communication technology has been around since 1995, but whereas it used to be the pastime of IT and open source enthusiasts, it has really taken hold in recent years for use in the workplace. It’s amazing to realize that not very long ago PCs, web browsers, and emails weren’t considered serious enterprise tools, but now businesses can’t function without them. As with the evolution of any technology, many issues with security, standardization, and usability of wikis have been worked out over time. We are letting you know about the BizWiki service, a wiki architecture of participation for enterprise’s real-time collaboration, repeatable business processes, and faster problem resolution. Their focus is on advancing social networking where every person is treated like a customer with a voice; adhering to business policy and process standards; security and compliance; and advancing sales effectiveness, rapid learning and project communication to new productivity heights.

I am grateful to be in a collaborative business with many talented and skilled professionals. Additional feedback and recommendations for our products and services at TM Information Services are always welcome.

- Mary M. McLaughlin

From the Front Page of TMIS News
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Point Roberts, Washington

An investor and industry news portal for the environmental sector, is pleased to offer a new online resource for investors, following the 'Green technology revolution' led by Internet visionaries such as Bill Gates, Steve Case and Scott McNealy. Last year when Gates invested $84 million in a California company focusing on ethanol bio-refineries, he set the bar for higher level investment in Green technology. Steve Case was also quoted in the Washington Post as saying that, "The green, sustainability movement is going mainstream.. we want to ride that wave."

As global economies such as China and India continue to experience fast paced growth and rapid industrialization, environmental impacts are now directly being linked to the financial bottom line. Environmental damage and the costs to repairs can negate growth in terms of cost if they are not managed.

World Bank Chief Scientist Robert Watson recently announced, "It's quite clear we have a number of technologies but the private sector has walked away." He furthered, "The problem is to induce investment. We are coming to see a growing interest in Green solutions."

Top level companies such as Intel and Nokia will be speaking out this summer at an event sponsored by Ethical Corporation, on their own strategies for going Green. According to Intel Corporation's last Global Citizenship Report, the company "Recycled 63% of chemical waste generated worldwide," and "reduced 19% absolute PFC emissions from 2003 levels -- remain on track to meet 2010 goal."

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Enterprise Wiki for Sales Effectiveness, Rapid Learning and Project Communication Redefined
Des Moines, Iowa

The collaborative power of Wikis are no longer just for IT and open source enthusiasts. CustomerVision has announced the launch of BizWiki, a highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use service that enables real-time collaboration between employees, business partners, and suppliers. Development of CustomerVision BizWiki has been driven by a demand to overcome one of the most critical Web Content Management challenges for today's enterprises -- easy collaboration, real-time communication, and dynamic content creation for the knowledge worker.

"Corporations today, without success, accept a high degree of communication barriers in return for enterprise-ready Web Content Management," said Tim Plimmer, senior vice president, operations, Communications Data Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hearst Corporation and a CustomerVision customer. "CustomerVision BizWiki eliminates the trade off between functionality and ease of use with the necessary usability, manageability and extensibility requirements of today's enterprises."
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IT Employment Strong in May Despite Weak Overall Jobs Report
Alexandria, Virginia

Employment of IT workers has accelerated despite a recent weak overall jobs report. In May 2006, employment of IT workers increased 24,900 from the previous month to 3,653,200, which was up 5.6% from May 2005. For the previous 12 months, employment of information technology (IT) workers increased by an average of about 16,250 per month, according to the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB).

"Although there was strong employment growth in sectors that are most commonly associated with IT employment such as computer system design and services as well as with search engine and related technology, IT employment was also up in the health care and financial services sectors," said Mark Roberts, NACCB CEO.

Strong demand is leading to shortages of IT professionals with certain skillsets in some geographic areas. Consequently, IT staffing companies who can find the right talent on a just-in-time basis for their clients are reporting that business is brisk.
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Trinity Convergence Expands VoIP Software Platform for WiFi Handsets & Consumer Electronics Devices
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Trinity Convergence, Inc., a leading provider of voice + video over IP embedded software solutions, announced the general availability of version 2.2 of its VeriCall Edge VoIP software platform. The company also announced that it has ported VeriCall Edge to additional silicon platforms, including the Intel PXA270, Philips Semiconductor PNX4008 and Texas Instruments OMAP. These platforms complement currently supported Freescale i.MXL and i.MX21 processors and the Intel IXP425 network processor.

The additional silicon platforms increase the breadth and depth of devices and applications -- including voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and multimedia-enabled WiFi phones -- optimized to run VeriCall Edge software. VeriCall Edge provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with a turnkey, embedded software platform for designing VoIP functionality into a range of consumer devices and enterprise equipment. VeriCall Edge is currently licensed and used in the following products: -- Wired VoIP Phones -- Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) Phones -- Wired IP Videophones -- WiFi IP Videophones -- IP Routers -- VoWiFi Personal Media Players.
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TranStar Communications Orders 100 Seamless Next Gen Mobile Computing Devices
Las Vegas, Nevada

Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. subsidiary, Seamless Internet Inc., announced that TranStar Communications Systems of LaVerne, CA has ordered one hundred Seamless Internet Next Generation Mobile Computing Devices. TranStar is a leader in applying communications and display technology to in-flight aviation applications and has placed an initial order for a variation of the Next Gen Mobile Device specially modified for in-flight computing and entertainment use.

"The Seamless Internet Device is the ideal form factor for future airline entertainment and communications systems," said Dick Bertagna, President of TranStar Communications Systems. "With the recent awards of broadband air-to-ground frequencies the timing for the launch of this device is fortuitous for our purposes of providing passenger access to one of the most advanced and versatile communications and entertainment devices with a richer feature set than anything on the market." Mr. Bertagna and TranStar principles have decades of experience in the aerospace communications industry, including running Hughes Avicom, which was sold to Rockwell International.

Seamless has redesigned the Next Gen Device, which won a Consumer Electronics Show "Best of Innovations" award, as a robust portable business computer measuring only 5" x 4" x 2" and weighing less than 12 ounces that offers a full-fledged computing platform with communications and entertainment functionality and a very functional fold-out mid-sized keyboard with superior tactile and response characteristics.

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Mobile Computing Technologies Create Warehouse Efficiency and Also Help Rail Crews Get to Work on Time

The world's largest fabricator of Styrofoam brand products for the arts, crafts and floral industry gains real-time visibility and inventory accuracy. Also, Psion Teklogix' rugged Workabout Pro device is helping to track and improve RailCrewXpress' transportation fleet performance.

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TI's Wireless LAN IP Phone Platform Delivers Portability, Enhanced Features to IP Phones

Texas Instruments Incorporated and Ascom Wireless Solutions, a market leader in on-site wireless communication throughout Europe, announced that Ascom's i75 voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) handsets are leveraging TI's Wireless LAN (WLAN) IP phone platform, the TNETV1700. TI's integrated hardware and software solution delivers the performance and low power required for Ascom to deliver extended talk and standby times to its enterprise customers, and enhanced features such as wireless telephony, alarm and messaging.

"With over 50 years of experience in on-site wireless communications, Ascom is continuously taking strides to deliver exceptional mobility to its customers," said Staffan Ornbratt, product manager, VoWiFi system, Ascom Wireless Solutions. "Leveraging TI's leadership VoIP and wireless technology allows Ascom to offer a VoWiFi experience that increases overall efficiency and productivity of its users."

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