Winter Issue January 2012
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Better Living Through Well Being

Helping to verify the adage “laughter is the best medicine,” numerous scientific studies done in a clinical setting support the benefits of humor therapy. Studies done at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1989 showed that laughter stimulates the immune system, counteracting the immunosuppressive effects of stress. Modern humor therapy dates from the 1930s when clowns were brought into hospitals to cheer up children hospitalized with polio. Since then, laughter has been shown by science to release tension in the diaphragm and relieve pressure on the liver and other internal organs. It helps balance the body’s natural energy fields or auras, and people who have developed a strong sense of humor generally have a better sense of well-being and control in their lives. Patients can also help themselves to heal by adding more humor and laughter to their lives.

Nonprofit founder and amateur comic, Peter Eichler, is spreading information and hope about Asberger’s syndrome through his stand up comedy routine at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York City. His organization encourages creativity, relaxation, and humor as a form of therapy, so he felt doing stand up comedy would be leading by example. Eichler’s own ‘aha’ moment came when he was 40. Insight into symptoms he had struggled with all his life seemed to fall into place when he learned of his diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. Both his infant son and his birth father (he had been adopted) carried the same diagnosis. “There were three generations pointing the proverbial finger of Asperger’s right in my face,” said Eichler. He describes the revelation as “both liberating and nauseating at the same time.” Having also just lost his electronics contracting business in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, he was ready to channel his passion and energy in a new direction. At that point, he dedicated himself to understanding the psychology of Asperger’s syndrome, and exploring therapies and possibilities for a better quality of life. Eichler says he hopes to communicate with others who share his condition and demonstrate that with proper support and therapy, they can lead a full life that includes creativity, laughter, and strong social bonds. He offers his own experiences as living proof that people with Asberger’s syndrome can not only survive, but thrive.

Other articles in this Winter 2012 TMIS eNewsletter:

A new research institute report lists ten health technology issues that hospital leaders should have on their watch lists for 2012. The list reflects the unbiased, independent judgment of the ECRI Institute’s multidisciplinary staff of clinical and technical researchers, engineers, risk management specialists, and healthcare planners and consultants.

Hospital Technology Issues for 2012:

1. Electronic Health Records: Is your Hospital Making All the Right Connections?
2. Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery: Will Bariatric Services in Your Hospital Need to Expand to Meet the Needs of an Expanding Patient Population?
3. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Is Leapfrogging from Film to 3-D Digital Mammography the Right Decision?
4. New CT Radiation Reduction Technologies: Are You Doing Enough to Slice the Dose and the Risk?
5. Transcatheter Heart Valve Implantation: Is Your Hospital Prepared for a Surge in Demand for Hybrid Operating Rooms?
6. Robot-assisted Surgery: Are Costly Robot Wars Coming to Your Operating Room?
7. New Cardiac Stent Developments: Are New Devices on the Horizon Signaling a Personalized Treatment Trend for Coronary Artery Disease?
8. Ultrahigh-field-strength MRI Systems: What is the Big Attraction?
9. Personalized Therapeutic Vaccines for Cancer: Is Your Oncology Service Ready for Costly Implications?
10. Proton Beam Radiation Therapy: Should It Be Part of Your Strategic Plan?

The complete 32-page white paper, including overviews and perspectives, can be downloaded for free at .


Acutely aware of the impact of the impending doubling of its senior citizen population, the State of Virginia has completed a statewide survey that examines the views of its seniors and baby boomers on aging. The results of this survey of 5,000 Virginians aged 50 to 105 suggest that the boomers will bring different perspectives and expectations to their senior years and will likely redefine what it means to grow older in the state. Older Virginians (65+) feel more prepared to navigate the challenges of aging than do the boomers (ages 50-64). Far fewer boomers believe their community is prepared to meet the needs and lifestyles of an older population than do the older Virginians. The state’s Agencies on Aging plan to continue to work in partnership with the Virginia Department on Aging to conduct the survey every three years to follow the transition of boomers into their senior years and help work to ensure residents the best place to live, work, and play at any age.


World-renowned integrative doctor, Dr. Isaac Eliaz, shared the latest research on the role of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) in the treatment of cancer at the International Oncology Conference. He explained specifically how MCP directly attacks cancer by binding to galectin-3 molecules (“sticky” surface molecules that promote angiogenesis and metastasis) and blocking their harmful effects, so cancer cells cannot spread and grow. “Over the last decade, a large body of peer-reviewed research has revealed that many of our most serious health concerns are associated with elevated levels of galectin-3 molecules. Modified Citrus Pectin, derived from citrus peels, is the only proven natural galectin-3 inhibitor and thus offers a powerful and all-natural way to address elevated galectin-3 for cancer, metastasis, and other chronic life threatening illnesses.” said Dr. Eliaz.

This is how MCP works: Food-grade pectin is a complex carbohydrate, a soluble form of fiber, and is not digested by humans. However, when citrus pectin is modified to reduce the length of the fiber chains and the amount of bulky cross-linking side groups, it can be made absorbable. As a result, MCP enters the circulatory system and reached targeted areas of the body. Dr. Eliaz, who is considered the leading expert in the field of Modified Citrus Pectin research, having used MCP in his clinical practice for over 15 years, presented recent research on the highly successful treatment of breast and prostate cancers using MCP.

I am grateful to be in a collaborative business with many talented and skilled professionals. Additional feedback and recommendations for our products and services at TM Information Services are always welcome.

- Mary M. McLaughlin

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Man Brings Asperger's Syndrome to Light Through Stand-Up Comedy and Non-Profit Organization
South Orange, New Jersey

Peter Eichler has lived with Asperger's Syndrome, a mild form of autism, for years - even before he had a name for his condition. His experiences and subsequent triumphs led him to found Adam 2 Adam, a non-profit organization intended to promote awareness of autism spectrum disorders and provide mentoring to young adults with Asperger's and other autism-related conditions.

The 43-year-old non-profit founder recently faced a new challenge - developing a stand-up comedy routine. Eichler has been given the opportunity to perform at New York City's Gotham Comedy Club. While people with Asperger's Syndrome are often very serious, Adam 2 Adam encourages creativity, relaxation, and humor as a form of therapy - so Eichler felt that his stand-up debut would be leading by example.

"My goal is to inspire others with Asperger's to break through their isolation and find ways to connect with people. I'm also hoping to give a public face to the condition, since many people seem to know little about it," he explained. "If you had told me a few years ago that I would be performing comedy in public, I would have found it implausible. But as long as I'm attempting the impossible, I'm aiming for another unlikely feat - a stand-up act with no cursing, sex, or put-downs; a routine that can make inebriated adults and sober 6-year-olds laugh out loud."
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Ten Technology Issues on its 2012 Watch List for Hospital Executives
Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

ECRI Institute, an independent nonprofit that researches the best approaches to improving patient care, listed 10 health technology issues that hospital leaders should have on their watch lists for 2012. The just-released list takes into account the convergence of critical patient safety, economic, and regulatory pressures currently facing healthcare executives.

Technology issues on this year's list span a variety of clinical and operational areas, including health IT, cardiovascular implants, minimally invasive surgical advancements, cancer therapies, and imaging and radiology services. According to the report, careful consideration of all the factors affecting whether and how to adopt these interventions will be crucial for short- and long-term strategic planning, cost-effective implementation, and optimal safety and effectiveness for patients.

"Technology is increasingly a top management concern, and is no longer confined to clinical and technical decision making. Themes emerging on our 2012 list reflect ongoing impacts of healthcare reform initiatives and new technology developments that emphasize patient-centered care," says ECRI Institute President and CEO Jeffrey C. Lerner, PhD.

"This list addresses safety improvements, interconnectedness of technology, personalized medicine tailored to individual care characteristics and preferences, and increasing cost pressures," adds Lerner.
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Statewide Survey Examines Views of Seniors, Baby Boomers on Aging
Richmond, Virginia

A statewide survey of 5,000 Virginians shows that many Baby Boomers think their communities are unprepared for the coming "age wave" and are concerned about how their quality of life might change as they grow older. While today's Seniors are positive, Boomers say communities are unprepared.

The Older Dominion Partnership (ODP), an enterprising non-profit organization working to better prepare Virginia for the major impact caused by the aging population boom, today released results of a statewide survey of Virginians ages 50 to 105.

"To help our Commonwealth and its communities plan for the doubling of our senior population, it's critical to first identify those issues that matter most and have the greatest positive impact," said Joel Mier, Chairman of the Board for the Older Dominion Partnership. "With the release of today's survey results, the ODP has encouraged the Commonwealth's leaders of Business, Education, Nonprofits, Philanthropy and Government as well as the 25 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to better understand the key issues facing our seniors of today and tomorrow."

"The information we have made available to the Commonwealth represents a huge step forward and covers finances, housing, transportation & mobility, workforce, caregiving, civic and community engagement, and health and wellbeing," said Dr. Richard Lindsay, Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine at UVA, and chairman of the Work Group that developed the survey instrument. "This represents an unprecedented opportunity for all Virginians to be able to plan, adjust and implement decisions based upon accurate current data."

The 2011 Virginia Age Ready Indicators Benchmark Survey found that both Older Virginians (aged 65+) and Boomers (aged 50-64) report a high quality of life and feel their personal quality of life is significantly higher than others in the community, but Boomers say the quality of life of today's seniors is lower than their own.
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Dr. Isaac Eliaz Discusses Role of Modified Citrus Pectin in Cancer Treatment at International Oncology Conference
Rhodes, Greece

Dr. Isaac Eliaz, a world-renowned integrative medical doctor, discussed the principles of integrative medicine in oncology and shared the latest research on the role of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) in the treatment of cancer at an international oncology conference in Rhodes, Greece. This conference, titled "The 16th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 14th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine", brought together hundreds of cancer researchers, oncologists, and medical professionals from around the world to share the latest information and advancements in the treatment and prevention of cancer. The international event was organized by the International Journal of Oncology, Oncology Reports, International Journal of Molecular Medicine, and Molecular Medicine Reports, and was held this year in the five-star Rodos Palace Resort on the island of Rhodes, Greece. The scientific program included presentations by scientists and medical doctors on topics in genetics, immunology, experimental oncology and brain tumors, among others.

For this presentation, Dr. Eliaz drew upon his 25+ years of experience as an integrative physician and researcher to discuss the energetic and philosophical principles of integrative medicine in oncology and how to apply these principles to cancer prevention and treatment. This includes the latest body of research on modified citrus pectin and novel polybotanical formulas in suppressing the growth and proliferation of cancer.
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One-of-a-Kind Clothing, Based on Ayurveda, Launches Online
Washington, DC

Vastra, a global wellness clothing company based out of Washington, DC, has launched an online store with a line of apparel and bedding based on the 5000 year old medicine system of Ayurveda. Vastra is an ancient word from Sanskrit that translates to 'clothing' or fabric' . Through its line of men's and women's apparel and bedsheets, Vastra plans to promote the concept of achieving wellness through organic clothing that is dyed with only medicinal plants and herbs based on the ancient science of Ayurveda. Vastra also aims to promote awareness among the green-curious and green-conscious public about this breakthrough in the world of natural clothing.

The Vastra team in India at the handloom weavers community near Trivandrum, Kerala, revived and refined this ancient technique of dyeing clothing to deliver the benefits of medicinal herbs through the skin (known as Ayurvastra), which has been proven by tradition and clinical research. News organizations, including Time magazine and the BBC have covered the revival of this age-old/traditional concept and the growing interest in exploring its benefits.
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Neti Pot Health Risk
Topanga, California

In the face of at least two recent deaths caused by brain-eating amoeba found in domestic tap water, neti pot users are now looking for safer alternatives. Sinox Spray, a natural, drug-free nasal rinse alternative to neti pots, uses antiseptic salts and sterile water to clear mucus without the risk of infection from tap-water borne microorganisms.

The neti pot, a traditional device whose roots can be traced to Ayurvedic medicine in ancient India, is among the most common approaches to clearing nasal and sinus congestion found in conditions such as chronic sinusitis, the common cold, acute rhinitis and nasal allergies. The neti pot can be effective, but the device is large and cumbersome, requiring substantial volumes of water in a messy process. Also, when used with impure water, contamination can result.

Neti pots can be used with distilled or sterilized water. However, most users simply use tap water, which contains numerous impurities. While generally safe to drink, unsanitized water applied to the blood-rich tissues in the nose can result in infections by amoeba or other microorganisms. In the recent cases resulting in death, a pathogen, Naegleria fowleri, also known as "the brain-eating amoeba", infected victims through the nose, where it can use nerve fibers to access the brain. Once inside the body, it rapidly spreads through the brain causing severe symptoms leading to death. The amoeba is also found in fresh water sources such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. Mortality from infection is estimated as high as 98%.
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Hands Turned On Launches Energy Medicine T-shirts
Tuscon, Arizona

Hands Turned On, LLC has announced the launch of a new clothing line designed to help people heal themselves using energy medicine, the ancient art of healing through touch, breath, movement, and sound. The clothing line is designed by Ann Marie Chiasson M.D., a renowned energy medicine healer who teaches at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine with its founder, integrative medicine expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. She is also the author of a comprehensive home study kit entitled Energy Healing: The Essentials of Self-Care, and co-author, along with Dr. Weil, of Self-Healing with Energy Medicine.

The shirt designs feature Dr. Chiasson's own handprints showing wearers how to position their hands to perform a specific healing exercise. Each T-shirt also comes with an instructional hangtag that explains how to perform the energy healing technique that the shirt demonstrates. The shirts are made of cotton and come in a range of colors such as kiwi, indigo, plum and teal.

"Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson is a wonderful energy healer," says Dr. Andrew Weil. "Having her work available through Hands Turned On is a gift. I highly recommend these clothes to anyone who wants to explore self healing."

Popular designs are "Practice Extreme Gratitude," "Ten Seconds to Center" and "We Must Polish the Heart Everyday," all of which include handprints and the corresponding instructional tag.
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